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Abiding Life Ministries International is an evangelical discipleship ministry committed to helping defeated believers find victory over the daily obstacles of life.

The focus of ALMI is on what Christ has already given each believer–His life indwelling—and that is all that is needed. There is nothing that the nearness of the Lord will not cure. The seed for Abiding Life Ministries International was planted in 1972 when the Lord burdened the heart of Michael Wells to minister to defeated believers. In subsequent years, through many hours of individual discipling, the simple teaching of abiding in Christ moment by moment was revealed as the answer for abundant living. ALMI has labored to make this message uncomplicated and reasonable; the answer for defeat must be simple and within the grasp of the very weakest.

In describing Abiding Life Ministries International, there is an inherent problem: If ALMI were introducing people to a teaching, doctrine, method, or program, its ministry would be very easy to describe. However, we want to introduce people to One who is not dead, who actually lives within them, and that can only be done by a revelation from Him.

The name “Abiding Life Ministries International” helps explain that we take the message of abiding in Christ internationally. ALMI is a worldwide (150 countries so far) mission organization dedicated to the simple message that there is nothing the nearness of Christ cannot overcome. This simple message that we call the abiding life (John 15) is best explained by the following illustration: Holding both hands out in front of you, imagine Christ on your right hand and your problems on your left hand. As you move the hand with problems toward you, the problems get your attention and become all-consuming. However, if you move the hand with Christ on it toward you, He gets your attention, and though the problems have not disappeared, they are not overwhelming. What gets your attention gets you. The goal of Abiding Life Ministries is singular: We are missionaries to Christians and desire to see them focused on Christ and understanding all He has already done for them. ALMI does not present a one-time fix; it is our conviction that Christ desires a moment-by-moment relationship with Himself, and in the moment of an abiding relationship, believers share in all of Christ’s victory, all of His power, and all of His work.

It is also our conviction that power comes through weakness, so as Christians we should pray to be weak, for we only fail where we think we are strong. The man who did everything did nothing, and all that He ever did, He never did. It was the Father doing it through Him. In John 17 we have a promise that we can be one with Him as He was with the Father. We never pray, “Help me be strong. Help me have love. Help me have kindness,” etc. We pray this: “Jesus, in this moment You come and be my love, my kindness, and my peace, for without You I can do nothing.”

We believe in a purpose for suffering, that there are things learned in suffering that cannot be learned in comfort. We believe God permits what He could prevent to that end. We also believe in being offended until we can no longer be offended, and that in every relationship God is working something spectacular in our lives. Every believer has escaped eternal hell, and yet few find victory over the daily hell in which they live. Bondage to adverse circumstance, people, sin, and the past continues to steal abundant life from God’s children. God allows problems in His children’s lives to bring them into a dependent relationship with Himself. As believers allow life’s problems to bring them into His presence, the purpose of the problems has been fulfilled.

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